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Friday, May 24, 2013

Operation Swill - a Smiley Face Killers link?

100 Proof:
Operation Swill, Smiley Face Killers, dirty booze, bad bars
In January 2013, acting on a handful of tips and customer complaints, New Jersey's attorney general and the division of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) secretly launched Operation Swill, a statewide sweep of its licensed bars with the aim of determining exactly what they're serving unsuspecting patrons.
The findings, disclosed just yesterday, are nothing short of shocking: From substituting inferior brands of liquor for top shelf ones, to actually serving rubbing alcohol dyed with food coloring so the lethal mix would appear to be scotch, bars as well known as TGI Friday's got caught in the sting.
And so did a few small pubs like Bells Tavern in Lambertville NJ, a quaint establishment located on the same Delaware River canal system that a popular bartender named Sarah Majoras is said to have slipped into and drowned in January ... not too far from her own residence. 
Smiley Face Killers Connection?
In February 2013, Killing Killers conducted a poll to see how many readers believed Majoras' death was actually a violent crime and cover-up.
The circumstances of her allegedly drunken tumble into frozen waters while walking home after an evening of entertainment closely resembled that of many young men who've met up with similar fates during a night out with their friends.
It perfectly fit the pattern of suspicious cold-weather drownings that had begun in 1997 with Patrick McNeill's in Manhattan; some of which were said to accompany ominous-looking smiley face graffiti.
Nearly 90 percent of those who voted in the KK crime poll responded unequivocally that Sarah Majoras had been murdered and her body then dumped in the canal near her home to make it seem like a "tragic accident."
How far does the conspiracy go?
The act of pouring cheap booze into fancy bottles so to illicitly increase one's profits is pretty darn crooked, for sure. But switching liquor with dyed rubbing alcohol, a sterilizing liquid not intended to be ingested, is dangerously criminal -- this toxin can cause not only severe poisoning but sudden death.
How long these illegal activities have been going on and whether anyone's been injured and/or died as a result has yet to be determined. However, considering the number and prominence of the suspects rounded up this month, it's doubtful such deceptive practices are limited to only New Jersey.
Consumer fraud and wrongful death, both types of offenses carry stiff penalities, as well as the potential for lasting damage to a bar or restaurant chain's reputation...
So the question now begs: How far would the guilty go to prevent discovery?

Monday, April 22, 2013

Coroner Says Sarah Majoras Killed by Extraterrestrial

A New Jersey coroner who autopsied Sarah Majoras says "it's possible that a green Martian" is to blame for the suspicious disappearance and drowning of  the popular bartender in Lambertville's canal this winter.
Are you following the Majoras/Anderson case?
 read and share more here

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Monday, April 1, 2013

New Hope in Solving Lambertville Drownings

Sarah MajorasHunterdon County's prosecutor and medical examiner say they will "leave open" their investigations into the sudden and suspicious disappearance and drowning death of 39-year-old bartender Sarah Majoras in Lambertville New Jersey this past January.
Officials had formally closed that inquiry on March 11th, but changed their minds after a recent request for access to their investigative documents by a reporter for The Trentonian revealed the startling fact that a full autopsy hadn't even been completed yet.
Read the full story here and, if you have been following this case and are concerned about its apparent linkage to the previous Lambertville canal drowning of Majoras' close friend, David Anderson, then share the article with whomever you can think of in order to give the matter more national exposure.
I will endeavor to provide more coverage of the Majoras/Anderson drownings on this website, and for other outlets I am affiliated with, whenever new information and evidence becomes available.

Monday, March 11, 2013

MISSING BARTENDER MAY BE IN CANAL: Sarah Majoras a victim of mistaken identity?

UPDATE 3/12/13: Majoras drowning "accidental" due to "very
high blood/alcohol levels at her time of death - case closed"
(This discussion is ongoing and has been bumped up for ease of posting)
UPDATED 2/17/13 - POLL QUESTION: Was Sarah Murdered?
*Scroll side panel to vote, and comment section for all updates:
BREAKING NEWS posted 2/1/13: Body ID'd as Sarah Majoras
With her customary cap, camouflage coat, leather boots, unisex eyewear and blue jeans, this short-haired bartender might've easily passed for a drunken youth, if you glimpsed her trudging home, hunched in the gripping cold of late January, at around three in the morning. She's been missing ever since then. 
Divers resumed searching the canal near the Delaware River community of Lambertville, New Jersey today. Evidently convinced this is where they'll find the body of Sarah Majoras, 39, who disappeared shortly after leaving John & Peter's Bar where she'd bartended for 15 years.
Majoras was off duty for the evening; drinking with her friends and enjoying live music, which the pub is locally famous for.

Afterward, at around two o'clock in the morning, she walked home and is said to have been just a few blocks shy of her residence when, in a 'Smiley Face Killer' scenario usually reserved only for intoxicated young males, she vanished without a trace.
If authorities are correct in their suspicions and Majoras did end up in the canal, then she would be the second hospitality industry worker from this particular region to mysteriously drown in cold waters in as many weeks.
On January 7th the corpse of Manuel Antonio Guevara, 26, was fished out of neighboring Watchung Lake. Tactical divers found him beneath a layer of ice near the lake-bottom. His shoes and wallet were recovered just a short walking distance from the lakeside restaurant where he was employed as a waiter.
Guevara's family had reported him missing the last week in December. So far there's been no ruling on the cause and manner of the young man's death, as police are still investigating.
More coincidences
If she drowned in the frigid morning hours without any witnesses, Sarah Majoras would also be the second resident of the virtually crime-free community of Lambertville to meet such an icy and bizarre fate.
In 2000, David Anderson, 31 years of age, was also walking alone in the wee small hours of the morning when he vanished and was later found dead in one of the nearby spillways.
Anderson's death was ruled an accident, but his friends, of which he had many, never believed it. They insisted his body could neither have entered nor drifted to the place it was found floating in.
They also said that the victim was super-cautious around the canal and river, whether sober or drinking, because he was deathly afraid of water and didn't know how to swim.
David Anderson was a very popular musician in this New Jersey/Pennsylvania border town, and he and his band played most of the local venues there because they cranked out great tunes and could really pack a place with customers.
One of his most frequent gigs was at...yep, you guessed it, John & Peter's.
That's were Anderson departed from--at three in the morning--when he was last seen alive.
Even more coincidences
Interestingly enough, both of John & Peter's pub-favorites, Sarah Majoras and David Anderson, took the same path on their journey homeward. And they also had the same destination in mind when each of them mysteriously disappeared: They were going to the house they shared with a guy named Adam Baker.
Baker was buddies with Anderson and reportedly the two roomed together, and he is also Majoras' live-in boyfriend of several years.
That ought to send up red flags for the authorities and strongly suggest to them that both victims did in fact make it back home and thereafter went missing. But police claim these two cases "aren't related" and that Baker, who is currently not thought to be a suspect, is fully cooperating with investigators.
Sarah Majoras is described as five-foot-four and 140 pounds, with blue eyes, blonde hair, and a fair complexion. She disappeared in the early hours of January 26th, 2013 and was last sighted by surveillance cameras on foot at the intersection of Bridge Street and Lambert Lane in Lambertville. 
Anyone with any information as to what happened to her after that, and/or her current whereabouts, is urged to call the Lambertville police at 609-397-3132, or the Hunterdon County Prosecutor’s Office at 908-788-1129, and ask for Detective Lacey.  
(Any breaking news/updates in all 3 of the above cases will be posted below.)
UPDATE 1/30/13, morning: Parents of missing/drowned Lambertville resident, David Anderson, 31, who in 2000 went to the same person's home as Sarah Majoras was heading when he also disappeared, have spoken up about her case.
"It’s unbelievable. It’s really eerie what’s happening. It does seem strange she [too] crossed the bridge and no one knows what happened,” said Elizabeth Anderson. "This is the same pattern," her husband Carl Anderson added.
The 'Find Sarah" Facebook-group administrators are, however, aggressively discouraging any active theorizing on that page. They are trying to keep everyone's attention and dialog focused on "finding Sarah alive" they repeatedly state, despite that officials from the local DA's office as well as police divers being active on the scene shows that this is by now considered a "recovery operation" with indications of foul play. (DA's don't usually get involved on the ground without suspecting abduction or murder.)
It's not unusual for a citizen's group to micro-manage a missing person's case on the mistaken belief that simply "talking positive" will bring about positive results. Unfortunately that rarely occurs, and cutting off public debate about a case can often result in thwarting the public's interest in it as well. Something which can make the crime trail grow cold in a hurry.
Discussion concerning foul play here is warranted since there is obviously a number of glaring similarities and connections in Anderson's and Majora's disappearances that are impossible to ignore and which will justifiably cause speculation in all quarters, including on the part of police.
On that note, people familiar with the Lambertville terrain are expressing themselves elsewhere on the web. The following individual observations are of interest to those actively sleuthing this case. Both comments concern the appearance of a parked vehicle at the intersection where Sarah Majoras was last seen which appears to suddenly turn its parking beams on, as if engaging its engine:
“When I saw the still and that SUV sitting there immediately I thought of course thats a cop car! Thats where they always sat during my college days! It really does look like a cop car. Its black in front and has the white towards the back and there appears to be something on top of the vehicle.”

“When these bars let out at 2am, there is always a heavy police presence on the New Hope side as petty arguements break out among the 20 somethings however Ive never seen any real violence or fights, just drunken arguements. There is also a heavy police presence on the Lambertville side as the police often sit directly over that bridge and try to catch drunks coming over from New Hope. Its quite common to see people pulled over in this short area between the bridge and rt. 179 at this time of night.”

BREAKING NEWS - January 30th 2013, afternoon: Investigators reported that Sarah Majoras' leather boot has been recovered today from the ice on the Delaware River canal, near where she was last sighted on camera, and sources say a body has also just been retrieved matching Majora's description. No official confirmation as yet, but the vicitim is believed to be the missing bartender. The FBI is now fully involved in the Lambertville investigation.

NOTE: at this time I am flagging the Find Sarah facebook site on new evidence: Visitors to that page should be aware that one or more of its administrators has a vested interest in the outcome of this missing persons inquest, bringing doubt on the integrity and impartiality of their entire online "search" effort there. One or more Find Sarah admins also appear to be not only deleting "speculative" comments from the facebook page in question, but also "dropping in" on similar online discussions actively taking place elsewhere. This attempt to thwart critical dialog and info-sharing is strange in a missing-person's case and, IMHO, the individual or individuals engaging in it are not acting in good faith. Please keep in mind that boyfriends and husbands are always the prime suspects in missing women scenarios, since, statistically speaking, abductions and/or murders are rarely ever perpetrated by strangers. This would now be especially true for Majoras' boyfriend, Adam Baker, who has had at least one other "dear friend" go missing and then die in the same manner. (That deceased friend and Majoras are also said to have been friends, by the way. Yet another evidentiary fact that has caused the Federal Bureau of Investigations to "speculate" apparently.)

UPDATE JANUARY 31st 2013: The body retrieved yesterday from the canal in Lambertville has been formally identified as missing bartender Sarah Majoras. Her family was notified and autopsy and toxicology reports are still pending. Majoras was found in the same area of the canal as her friend David Anderson was 13 years ago. Both were coming from the same bar and going to see the same person when they disappeared and drowned. The FBI is still investigating  Majoras' case, but local law enforcement agencies are already announcing her death a "tragic accident" even though full test results have yet to come in. Anderson's drowning in 2000 was ruled "inconclusive" in part because he had facial lacerations and other perimortem injuries not typical for water fatalities, yet for some unknown reason the authorities did not pursue an explanation as to his manner of death. The Bureau is currently reviewing that identical drowning now as well.

UPDATE February 1st 2012: In a "tragic" rush to judgment, local law enforcement agencies are trying to push through a ruling of accidental drowning in order to swiftly close the Majoras death inquiry. Namely because they say they didn't note any significant injuries to the body. David Anderson's identical death 13 years prior is "not related" they still insist, and Adam Baker, a troubling link in both drownings, "has been ruled out as a suspect." However, the  same bar, the same hour, the same trek, the same canal area, the same destination, the same friend, the same kind of accident...the statistical improbability of all this presents the strongest hint of foul play. So detectives probing this matter are reminded that in all theorizing, "everything should be kept as simple as possible, but no simpler." (Albert Einstein) Operating on a theory of Majoras' disappearance and drowning being merely an *accidental* coincidence with Anderson's in 2000 is obviously too simplistic.

UPDATE February 5th 2013: Formal rulings on cause and manner of death as well as toxicology reports are still pending, but the police investigation into Sarah Majoras' disappearance and drowning is said to be ongoing. The Lambertville canal with suspected pathway Majoras took is shown in the image below. (Note that locals are emphasizing that there was significantly less snow and ice covering the water on the night that she vanished, and the canal area she's alleged to have "fallen" in is only about three feet deep.)

3/12/13: The drowning death of Sarah Majoras has now been
ruled an "accident" due to high concentrations of alcohol in her
blood at the time of death. Case is considered "closed" by LE.

Saturday, February 23, 2013


UPDATE 3/21/13: Jacb Samusenko disappearance and drowning
"accidental" coroner says.  READ FULL NEWS STORY HERE 

UPDATE February 26, 2013: Still no leads in either the Samusenko or Shipowski disappearances, and now a third teenage male has gone missing from Pennsylvania. (More updates in the comment section.)
UPDATE February 27th 2013: CHRIS KING, 19, HAS BEEN FOUND - King vanished from Bensalem PA sometime in late afternoon on the 21st of February. A 2012 graduate of Neshaminy High School, he is believed to have been located safe in neighboring Philly.

UPDATE FEBRUARY 23, 2013: Police claim they have lots of "theories, but no new leads" in the Jacob Samusenko disappearance. And now a second Pennsylvania youth -- Kade Shipowski age 17 -- has also gone missing...read more in the comment section.

ALERT: Jacob Samusenko, 17 from Erie Pennsylvania, went missing from his neighborhood on the afternoon of January 29th 2013. He was last seen taking the garbage out dressed in athletic wear. His family believes he may have decided to go for a quick walk or  jog, but no one has seen or heard from him since.
An anonymous stranger is now aiding the Samusenko's search efforts by offering a $10,000 reward for the youth's return. Jake Samusenko is described as five-foot-five and 130 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes.

Samusenko is a very responsible and mature young man and his long absence, especially without communication, is uncharacteristic. Erie police ask that anyone with information call them at 814-870-1120

Thursday, February 7, 2013

What would Sarah do?

Investigating the Lambertville canal drownings

She was the valedictorian of her 1991 graduating class at South Hunterdon High, and a superb athlete who especially loved and excelled at volleyball.

A bright, strong-willed, independent female even at that tender age, Sarah Majoras is said to have declined to give a speech at her high school graduation, remaining silent instead in order to civically object to a religious invocation delivered at the opening of the ceremony by a school administrator. 
That forced prayer was in plain violation of black-letter laws that call for separation of church and state throughout the USA, including at publicly-funded school systems like South Hunterdon. It was, in young Majoras' uncorrupted view, a patently unconstitutional demand which she had the inalienable right to refuse. 
Being required to mumble along to a benediction, to bow one's head to "God" and country, infringed on everybody's rights who were assembled there that day, believers and nonbelievers alike. So she was leading the crowd in protest of it.
That's after all what Sarah Majoras was, all those who knew her agree: a natural born leader.
"Only the good die young"
Sometimes as we age, as we ardently pursue a host of other liberty interests--happiness, wealth, social status, acclaim--we lose ourselves in the chase. The principles and ideals we believed in and espoused in our youth become too cumbersome to maintain, and so we toss them, one by one, along the way. 
And sometimes, when we finally near or reach our goals, we end up completely different people than we used to be. Not always for the better.
But at age 39 Sarah Majoras was still the courageous and  "extremely smart person" her friends and admirers had always known her to be. She was still the all around, dependable team player who had, in the years since silently receiving her diploma, also earned a reputation as a kind, generous, "very accepting and inclusive" human being.
Majoras had not sold her soul for the almighty dollar, although it's clear she certainly could have if she liked. She was not chasing after the American Dream and untold fortunes bartending for 16 years at Lambertville's local hotspot, John & Peter's, situated just across the Delaware river and roughly only a mile from her house.
She had become a beloved fixture of the bar-and-grill, and its patrons adored her.

But this January, walking home in the early morning hours from there, Sarah Majoras mysteriously vanished, and nearly the whole town began searching for her. Days later she was found just a few blocks shy of her destination, drowned in the shallows of an icy canal.
Misstep or murder?
The loss of an individual like Sarah Majoras is not just felt at the tiny pub she graciously tended for nearly two decades, nor is it limited to the the small village she lived in almost all her adult life.
Noble characters willing to stand up for what they believe are rare in this world we've created, and whether dead or alive their decency and humanity serves to inspire others to behave nobly as well.
You can't have too many of such types; you can't bear to lose even just one of them.
In many ways now the world we know has grown suddenly small over the past 15 to 20 years, and word travels fast as a consequence. We can thank satellites and cell phone technology for our shrinking universe, and, of course, the internet.
In the bars and alleyways and kitchens of Lambertville New Jersey, and thousands of miles away via chatrooms, blogs, and discussion forums, there is a rumor circulating that Sarah Majoras didn't fall into the water by accident.
All over the planet people are saying Majoras was murdered, and they want the police to investigate her suspicious death. They think that her friend David Anderson's 2000 drowning in the same area of the canal--coming from the same bar where both were employed, walking the same route, to the same place, to see the same person, at the same hour--defies coincidence.
And yet a small but very vocal minority are saying nay to this, opening troll accounts on busy web boards where the case is being actively debated and interjecting that such discussions "are not helpful." 

It is their mission, as they see it, to derail any and all conversations concerning the possibility of foul play in the Majoras disappearance and drowning. 

None of them leave their names, of course, or even say what sex they are, but they do identify themselves as belonging to the tight-knit group of friends that included Majoras, Anderson, and the man these two decedents were both going home to when they each went missing and then died.
They are grieving for their dead friend, the trolls claim, and any inquest into that death will only drive their pain deeper and divide the community in the process. Moreover, they've known the man that everybody, everywhere now suspects of wrongdoing "for years and years." Therefore he is clearly innocent.
Life is awkward like this at times, making it difficult for good people to decide what honorable course of action they should be taking, because, understandably, nobody wants to make waves unnecessarily. Nobody wants to unduly distress another person, especially if that person doesn't deserve it.
What's more, it's risky sticking to your guns in the face of stiff opposition, and if you're not used to taking that risk each and every day, if you're not accustomed to making a stand and not giving even one inch to those who oppose it, well, then, you're suddenly in uncharted territory. Leaderless.
It'd be great when that happens to be able to consult with someone who does this sort of thing everyday. Someone who has always known their own mind and, no matter what others may say or think, follows through undaunted each and every time.

Someone who is used to shouting "damn the torpedoes" whenever it comes to confronting wrong and doing right, even if it does make some folks initially uncomfortable and, worse, forever alienates a few of them.

Someone who's always been unwavering in their convictions their entire life. An "incredibly special person" who is "capable of bringing the whole community together" and guiding them in the right direction, and......
I wonder what Sarah would do?