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Start here. New guests, are you investigating a loved one's suspicious disappearance and drowning? Begin with a look at the forensics of a true drowning and the complete Smiley Face Serial Killer case background. Then read in-depth interviews with families of other 'Smiley' victims, by author Eponymous Rox.

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Reader Reviews

Reader reviews of The Case of the Drowning Men

investigating the Smiley Face Killers

"As a law and criminology graduate and a former court reporter, I am fascinated with crimes and investigations like this. I have read many books, from Mary Bell, to the Suffolk serial killer...your book is incredibly well researched...your attention to detail is superb.” Lianne La Borde
"Highly disturbing, thoroughly researched and extremely well-written, I read with fascination and horror. Chapter 2, Anatomy of a Drowning, so stark and clinical in style, is definitely not for the squeamish. I read it with one eye squeezed tightly shut. " Annette Russell

"It's very well researched and eloquently written. Though it's sickening, it's fascinating at the same time. It proves beyond a doubt that no matter how wholly innocent you think the world is, there is always a speck of darkness. A dark, compelling read." NightSky Fantasy

"Well written. It reads with a combination of a good thriller and a research paper. It is obvious that you have done your homework on both the details of the cases and the forensics of the cases. Your medical findings are right on as is the autopsy findings. This is not just a book of conjecture and theories but of true investigation and findings." Lena Pate

"I live in Southern California so wasn’t even aware there were many young men disappearing and drowning up by the Canadian border. I found the argument that these can’t all be simple drownings compelling. I’ve never read anything before like the second chapter which describes what a body looks like after drowning (the hands grasping pieces of grass; water in the stomach, and Diatoms (which I didn’t even know existed) in other body organs. Aside from the interesting possibility there really is a serial killer out there is your writing style: crisp and clear and easy to follow." Jo Lynn

"This is a fantastic piece, bleak as the subject may actually be. There has always been a quite morbid and macaber fascination with murder and conspiracy that will doubtless lend rather a large readership to this beautifully written and well documented work. True crime always finds a niche that fiction can never sate and needless to say, (I have to admit) I too will today, as a result of this reading, be forced to search the web for the smiley face murders. It is just too blatantly luscious and mouthwatering an abominable issue to simply let go without delving some more into it. This is highly addictive, and the artist takes time to paint in the skies and surrounds before showing the ugliness that is perpetrated by man...I'm hooked--What a ride! Trevor Murchu

"Well-written and a fascinating read, but not for the faint of heart. Some of the illustrations are available from Amazon through their inside-the-book option if you are not quite ready to buy the book." Richard Allen

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