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Wednesday, February 27, 2013


(From ABC NEWS out of Chicago)

February 25, 2013 - "The alarming number of young men drowning across the country has caught the attention of federal law enforcement...Federal authorities are said to be considering a nationwide investigation."

ABC reports that a group of former law enforcement personnel working together with independent investigators who all call themselves the "I Team" and who also run an organization called Find Me, studied hundreds of drowning men cases, many of which are covered extensively here on this weblog.
They have similarly and unequivocally concluded that there are now too many such deaths occurring throughout the United States, and that it's a statistical improbability that they are all accidents, whether or not these young men were drunk or sober.
Former federal drug enforcement agent Jerry Snyder is the founder of the not-for-profit victim-search group. He went on record as saying, "When we are talking numbers, there are 194 bodies. If half of those are homicides we have a problem here."
So, whatever beliefs people may have about THE CASE OF THE DROWNING MEN, whoever they think the culprits might be, mainstream theories or fringe, it doesn't matter. One thing is very clear now: Smiley's days are numbered.
                                        Special thanks to reader 'Tennessee111' for the scoop


  1. It's about time someone recognized a problem and started look into this situation before more people get hurt. It is crazy just how long this has been going on and very few authority figures recognize a problem.

  2. Hey again, Peonydoe. In fact, the FBI has looked into these drownings once before, but at that time only 40 or so were presented to the Bureau for review.

    Also, the theory of a gang of serial killers linking the deaths was flat out dismissed.

    Hopefully, they won't react the same way, as there are far too many of these fatalities racked up at this point to just shrug off the case now. Simply because officials might not care for the old explanation being offered again by some members of the I-Team, should not be grounds for dismissal when we're talking about hundreds of victims.

    Thanks for reading and commenting on this bulletin!


  3. If this was a string of female deaths, this case would have been seriously investigated and probably solved. Because it's men dying, it is similar to a domestic dispute or rape the way it is treated by the law. I am a female, BTW. I think it's heinous that this trend has been completely dismissed by even the FBI. Isn't this what they have a national database for? Mind boggling. All lives are valuable and people should be given some closure or justice regardless of who the victim is.


  5. Any updates on this? We have missing boys in San Francisco and more bodies turning up in waters of Boston.