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Saturday, April 30, 2016

ID sought in 1981 Jane Doe cold case murder

PHOTOS: Ohio police are once more appealing for help in IDing a slain Jane Doe teen and finally bringing her killer to justice.

Dubbed also the "Buckskin Girl" for the distinctive overcoat she wore at the time of her death, remains of the unknown victim below were found on April 24, 1981 -- approximately two days after she'd been killed.

Ohio's Jane Doe "Buckskin Girl" was slain 35 years ago -- do you know her?
Ohio's Jane Doe is estimated to have been in her late teens or early twenties when she brutally died.

In addition to the buckskin leather jacket, she was also wearing bell-bottom slacks and a brown turtleneck.

Investigators believe the young woman might have been hitchhiking when she was picked up by her killer then bludgeoned to death and dumped dead in a ditch near Troy Ohio.

A recent forensic breakthrough has revived interest again in actively pursuing, and ideally solving, her 35-year-old cold case murder, which many people have speculated could be the work of a serial killer still at large.

The ominous theory is supported by the fact that several Ohio women were similarly murdered during the 1980s and 90s, and their bodies (or body parts) deposited throughout the region.

Although most of these other victims reportedly have long ago been identified, their murders also remain unsolved.

For decades in the Jane Doe homicide case, however, authorities had no idea even where the victim originally hailed from, let alone her name.

But at least this aspect of the tragic mystery appears to have been partially solved now: Pollens, native only to the American northeast, and a substantial amount of soot particles, have been recovered from the Buckskin Girl's outer clothing.

Both residues have helped narrow down the likely U.S. states and urban industrial locales where she could have lived in or been visiting for some time, before coming to Ohio in the spring of 1981.

Therefore officials are especially appealing for the public's help in IDing Jane Doe in such states as New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island.

A bit of "southwest pollen" was also detected on the Buckskin Girl's coat, which could indicate she briefly traveled through that section of America en route to Ohio, or even that the garment itself was borrowed.

The Miami County Sheriff’s Office is heading up the renewed investigation into her wrongful death and has distributed the above composite images of what the slain teen probably looked like, including alternate hairstyles.

Anyone who thinks they recognize her, or who has other information relevant to her cold case, should call the MCSO at (937) 440-3865.

Another U.S. Fireman, Frankie Martin, Is Missing This Month

New Mexico fireman Frankie Martin below has been missing for over a week now.

The 25-year-old is a professional 'wild land' firefighter and was last seen in Arroyo Hondo, NM on April 19, 2016.

Third U.S. firefighter, Frankie Martin, goes missing in April In a strange and troubling pattern this month, Martin is the third known American firefighter to inexplicably vanish without a trace.

Concern for his welfare is mounting because the other two who disappeared before him have already been found dead:

Nicole Mittendorff, 31 from Virginia, "killed herself" in the Shenandoah National Park on or about April 13th. 

Police believe the female first-responder was despondent over a sexual harassment campaign launched against her by her male coworkers which also included cyber-bullying.

And, last weekend, 37-year-old fireman Jason Blalock of Georgia somehow died in Lake Lanier while at a house party and on vacation from his duties at the Dekalb County Fire Department.

The circumstances of firefighter Martin's sudden disappearance in New Mexico remain vague, but the Taos County Sheriff’s Office is asking for the public's help in finding the young man.

Frankie Martin is about 5-foot-10 and 180 pounds with black hair and brown eyes. According to his April 21st missing persons report, he was last seen wearing gray jeans, a green hoodie, Converse sneakers, and a baseball cap.

Anyone who knows what happened to him on April 19th, or his present whereabouts, is asked to contact Taos County's sheriff or deputies at (575) 758-2217.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Missing Fireman Jason Blalock Found Dead in Lake Lanier

PHOTO: Missing Georgia fireman Jason Blalock disappeared from a party on April 23rd -- he was found yesterday at the bottom of a lake.

missing GA fireman Jason Blalock found dead in Lake LanierGeorgia officials are still trying to piece together how the athletic 37-year-old got separated from Saturday's gathering at Sunset Cove and ended up dead in Lake Lanier.

His family filed a missing persons report when they lost contact with him over the weekend and still couldn't reach him the following day.

Blalock's jeep was later discovered still parked where he first had left it on Saturday.

No other clues have surfaced yet.

Sources also confirmed a Dekalb Fire Department supervisor additionally reported the firefighter missing when he didn't show up for his regular shift.

According to that same individual, the initial disappearance of Jason Blalock a week ago corresponded with a scheduled vacation that began just the day before he vanished.

https://www.amazon.com/dp/1477668411An underwater bot and sonar were both used to search the lake area where Blalock was allegedly last seen alive; and on Thursday a dive team finally located his submerged corpse and retrieved it.

Autopsy and toxicology tests will be performed now to determine how Jason Blalock died. Meanwhile his premature and 'unattended death' is still being investigated.

Interestingly enough, in October of 2012 a Tyler Blalock of North Carolina also went missing while attending a party.

The 19-year-old college student was later found "accidentally drowned" in a shallow creek bed with head wounds.

However, it's not clear at this time whether these two Blalock males -- who've met with similarly sad ends -- are somehow related.

Another 1969 Manson Family murder victim identified?

Police have had to quiz Charles Manson about another possible victim in his infamous Manson Family murder spree. 

In the summer of 1969, the middle-aged aspiring rock-star directed a handful of his deadliest disciples to butcher pregnant starlet Sharon Tate and her house guests, as well as Rosemary and Leno Labianca the following day.

Manson's intended target at Tate's rental home -- music mogul Terri Melcher -- had quietly moved out of the property a few months before the brutal home invasion and thus survived the plot against his life. 

Did Charlie Manson also kill 'Jane Doe #59" during the Tate and LaBianca massacres?

Ultimately, Manson and his fellow miscreants were sentenced to life in prison for all of the so called 'Helter Skelter' mass murders that summer, which a clever prosecutor proved cult-leader 'Charlie' had masterminded.

But even at the time of Manson's conviction, homicide detectives still working the unsolved case of 'Jane Doe #59' suspected he and his following were responsible for her grisly death, too.

And only recently did they learn the slain 19-year-old woman's actual identity: Reet Jurvetson of Montreal.

Jurvetson's mutilated remains were recovered in November 1969 on the side of a Hollywood highway only a short distance from the LaBianca crime scene itself.

As with the other Manson killings that year, she'd been stabbed multiple times and left for dead, although the number of knife wounds Jurvetson received -- about 150 -- was far in excess of those the Tate/LaBianca victims had each suffered.

According to relatives of the newest suspected Manson murder victim, their "free spirited" young lady traveled to the Los Angeles area from Canada in '69 to meet up with a guy she knew named "John" or "Jean."

Who this yet-unknown male really is, and whether he had Manson Family ties or perhaps viciously killed the Canadian teenager himself, remains the last bit of Jane Doe 59's longstanding mystery.

KILLING KILLERS will be running a three-part Manson special report next month exploring the real motive behind the gruesome Tate and LaBianca slayings, so bookmark this post for all three links in that upcoming series.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Ex Speaker Hastert Hushed About Hush Money Pedo Scandal

Ex House Speaker Dennis Hastert faces sentencing today on charges related to a hush-money pedophile scandal he himself exposed.

Shady banking maneuvers got defendant Hastert flagged by the Feds in 2014, but he only deepened their investigation into his illegal "structured withdrawals" by then claiming he was being "extorted" on "false accusations" of child molestation.

The alleged sex offenses have since been confirmed and date back decades to when the longest standing Republican House Speaker in American history was just a little known but highly-respected wrestling coach in Yorkville Illinois.

Pedophile house-speaker Dennis Hastert hushed about hush money scandal

At Dennis Hastert's behest, FBI agents secretly listened in on phone conversations with one of his now-grown victims and quickly concluded it was the GOP's "squeaky clean" former Speaker who in fact had lied about his own wrongdoing.

Hastert's hush money cover-up is ultimately what got him nabbed last year -- not the child sexual abuse charges which involved at least four youths and took place so long ago the statute of limitations had fully expired.

Those historic sex crimes, however, were intricately linked to the multimillion-dollar banking scheme that the disgraced congressional leader pleaded guilty to devising in order to quietly payoff one abuse survivor dubbed victim "A."

The still unidentified man has recently sued Hastert as well, since the ex House Speaker never actually paid the entire amount he offered as redress for A's "pain, harm and suffering."

During the federal probe of Hastert's financial finagling, it was also revealed that, in addition to luring and fondling under-aged males, beloved Coach Hastert placed a lounge chair "in direct view of the shower stalls in the locker room where he sat while the boys showered."

Now in his 70s, Dennis Hastert could be jailed for up to five years in prison for the bank fraud he knowingly perpetrated, or, more likely, receive a short sentence that amounts to just a slap on his wrist.

Either way, though, this infamous "family values" politician and lobbyist continues to remain hushed about the pedophile scandal that brought him down last year, and will keep on receiving both state and federal pension checks in spite of it.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Missing 21yo David Breunig Found Drowned in Maine River

PHOTO: The body of missing maritime student David Breunig was pulled from the Penobscot River in Orono Maine over the weekend and formally identified yesterday.

The tall and athletic 21-year-old vanished late in February 2016, reportedly after leaving a house party on foot and crossing elevated train tracks leading downtown.

While no one actually witnessed Breunig "fall" that evening, police immediately began searching the Stillwater, which the railroad trestel spans, as well as the Penobscot where the two rivers converge.

Long missing college student David Breunig has been found drowned in Maine
Nothing was found in any of those search efforts, except "objects of interest."

On Friday April 22nd, however, the body of a young Caucasian male closely matching the description of David Breunig was discovered in the waters near Sea Dog brewery and Interstate 395.

The Bangor Fire Department was called to that location to retrieve the victim, who evidently had a wallet and other personal items belonging to the missing Maine Maritime Academy junior.

Although official confirmation could not be made at the time, the family was given notice over the weekend that their young man had likely been found dead.

According to the obituary the Breunigs subsequently published this week, a coroner has told them Breunig  accidentally drowned on February 26th, after slipping from the railway and falling into the Stillwater River.

He “passed away after an accidental drowning” their statement partly read.

A public memorial mass for David Breunig will be held on Saturday at 10:00 a.m. at Saint Hyacinth Church in Westbrook Maine.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Body of Nathan Kermensky Found in MA Dam

The body of missing 26yo Nathan Kermensky (below) was found snagged in the gates of a Connecticut River dam on Thursday morning.

"This was at the Holyoke Gas and Electric Dam on Gatehouse Road," a spokesman for the Massachusetts police explained over the weekend.

He stated that one of the workers from "a Gas and Electric crew was flushing down by the fish lift and the body came through."

MA police confirm missing 26yo Nathan Kermensky has been found drownedKermensky's is the second corpse pulled from those waters in as many days -- missing teen Brianna Cuoco was also recovered from the Connecticut last week.

In another apparent coincidence, the 18-year-old woman had also disappeared in late January and, like Kermensky, lived in Hadley Mass.

A missing persons report for the 26-year-old college maths tutor was first filed by his family on January 29, 2016 after they lost contact with him earlier in the week.

His vehicle was later found parked at the Norwottuck Rail Trail near Northampton with the keys still in it and a multi-agency probe was launched, albeit "foul play wasn't suspected" at that time.

Today Massachusetts authorities continue to investigate the disappearance and drowning of Nathan Kermensky, whilst hinting he may have "committed suicide."

Anyone with information about this young man's death (and that of Brianna Cuoco) should call 911 or the Hadley Police Department at (413) 584-0883.